It has always been a long term dream of ours to create something special here at the point in the form of a simple tea garden etc. Along the South African coast (especially the Garden Route) there are very few special places where visitors can sit and enjoy a quiet cup of tea while watching dolphins, whales in season, surfers whizz by, the occasional otter and the ever present locally world famous waves.

A very short menu will be available along with a very special setting.
Property leased from the LA on a long term basis has been quietly transformed over the last number of years into something quite unique. Visitors and guests can now sit and enjoy the charming bay from a very special vantage point.

Musical moments on Sunday mornings are going to be arranged in the near future. Watch this space. !!
Open for only a limited few hours of the day and only in good weather.
WiFi will be available.
Maybe even "Plat du Jour" sometime in the future
"A bientot"