For many years I have dearly wanted to try and portray Victoria Bay over the period from 1958 to 1969, the time when I went to boarding school in George.
I started surfing Vic. Bay in 1964 up to 1969 when I eventually matriculated at Saint Outeniqua High School, a boarder from Plettenberg Bay in the local " koshuis " our favourite pastime involved bunking out with mates to Vic Bay to catch a few waves.

No leash, no wetsuit but a pair of black rugby shorts and a shitty " Sunsurf " Surfboard often accompanied by mates Dan Spangenberg, Steve Glover and Niel Liddell we joined up with Vic Bay locals Garth Stroebel and Brian Miles.
The latter two were very fine surfers of the day. Today Garth is a world class chef but Brian was killed in a plane crash many spring tides ago.

Several old photographs of the bay were sent to Steven Bibb in Jeffreys Bay and the brief was to try and create the period complete with " emotion, fantasy, nostalgia and infrastructure of the time. I believe my " trance mate " Steven Bibb has created a few masterpieces.

Working with Steven has been a pleasure and a good experience, I salute you Sir. The rest is history.

"The Kombi View" - if you were anybody and around the mid sixties, surfed and had chick with flowing hair in the back of the kombi this has to be for you. "The Jetty View" - The Bramwell Butler jetty built around 1925 has to be one of the most photographed jetties around and there are still folks who love jumping off the jetty to go for a surf.
"The Barrel View" - Vic. Bay still has it's dedicated bunch of beach break barrel surfers, this was the same all those years ago, some things never change. "The Bay View" - Simply the most amazing view of any bay on the African coastline, when Vic. Bay is " going off " this has all surfers of any standard ...... frothing at the mouth. !!




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We have a resident artist from Central Africa who has been turning out some useful pieces, from painting on rocks, shells and driftwood to surfboards and chairs. See pictures below.

Our man is even available to do work at Lands End - Victoria Bay for your personal requirements. Consider bringing along your own stone or whatever for him to paint on. This has been so much fun over the last 3 years with all proceeds going towards keeping Vic Bay clean, benefitting staff and artist in the process.
The sixties type Vic Bay chairs are no doubt going to become a collectors item.

A bientot.

Rod and Chanel Hossack and The Lands End Team.