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Lying in a fertile, rich valley, surrounded by the Outeniqua Mountains, forests, rivers and prosperous farmlands, George lies just 420 km from Cape Town and 320 km from Port Elizabeth hentai rape, making it a perfect stopover from which to explore the Garden Route.


Fondly known as ‘cold and wet’, after their car registration – CAW – George is anything but. The moderate climate makes George ideal for outdoor adventure all year round and activities include: fishing, hang-gliding, diving, water skiing, cycling, canoeing, climbing, sailing, windsurfing and surfing. ( Source : Text and map used with kind permisison from SA Venues:

Mosselbay is well known for the history of Bartolomeu Dias. The Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex, in which you find a replica of the Dias Ship and the Post Office Tree, where Pedro de Ataide left an important letter in a boot in the year 1500 is an interesting museum to visit. The symbolic wooden cross from 1992 en the historic “Khoi” Cave will bring you back in History. Mosselbay is small enough to stroll around town and enjoy the typical old buildings and houses. The town has all year round a beautiful mild climate, nice beaches and a variety of culture, adventure and eco attractions.

Oudtshoorn’s roads travel through beautiful mountain passes, The most inspiring one is the Swartberg Pass. The ostrich capital of the world. Nowhere else ostriches are found in such great numbers and nowhere else do they produce feathers of such fine quality. Four Ostrich show farms offer daily tours and demonstrations. But the world’s biggest bird is just one of the many attractions in this area. This small, crime-free town is the commercial centre of the Klein Karoo, an ancient rolling plain between the Outeniqua and Swartberg Mountains.

Wilderness lies 15km east from George and is renowned as much for its natural beauty, vast stretches of beach, tranquility and calm seas, as it is for its tradition of hospitality, which began as far back as the late 1800’s, when the first stone farmhouse was converted into a seaside boarding house. It is the only village in the country that can boast its own National Park, for the 2500ha Wilderness National Park lies within its boundaries. With five rivers, five lakes and 19km of beach, this sensitive eco-system creates a wetland of international importance.

Knysna is the Place of People, and the people are special indeed. The area has always enthralled those who are set apart by their unique talents and abilities. And so the community of Knysna is an unusual and unusually happy mix of business people and hippies, artists and crafters, rich and poor alike. Knysna is the Place of Beauty, it lies on the banks of an enormous estuary, alongside South Africa’s most famous indigenous forest, within sight of the dramatic Outeniqua Mountains and just a stone’s throw from the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Knysna is also the Place of Adventure with everything from adrenaline-thumping extreme sports.

Plettenberg Bay You’ll never forget your first sight of this beautiful Bay. It’s astonishing. With a backdrop of majestic mountains stretching from horizon to horizon, the town lies to one side under a sunny sky and amongst a collage of green forest of fynbos that are separated from the blue of the Indian Ocean by endless white and sandy beaches. And closer inspection reveals that this really is a tourists’ paradise. Because in Plettenberg Bay, where the weather is eternally set to springtime and where warm, lazy days stretch into long, pleasurable evenings, you’ll find rest and adventure in equal proportions. The waters of the Bay itself hold an uncommon richness of marine life; this is where the cold and warm waters of the Indian Ocean’s great currents meet and mix, and the result is a Bay unparalleled for its biodiversity.

Herolds Bay has been a favorite holiday destination for over 100 years – old sketches and photographs at the George museum attest to this. Imagine taking your holiday by ox wagon! This generation of holidaymakers brought everything with them – from tents to ox wagons to servants. They camped out here for long periods before returning to their farms in the hinterland. The allure of this spectacular bay is still the same: sun, sea, surf, fishing, safe bathing and it is protected from the South Easterly wind. Furthermore there is what I like to call “the personality of the bay”. Let us explore this personality a little further. Holidaying here in traditional holiday times offers one a sense of camaraderie since most owners or renters return to the same homes year after year. This easy going mood leaves one spell-bound and the allure to be part of it is great.

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